International Shipping Guide (English)

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International Shipping Guide (한국어) →

1.International Shipping

Please be sure to read and agree to the following terms before purchasing.

Product Shipping
Items will be shipped via EMS(Express Mail Service). It takes one week from the time of purchase to the time the item is shipped.

International shipping fee
An international shipping fee of 10% of the product price will be charged. This 10% fee is the same amount as the consumption tax in Japan, and the displayed price includes fee.

You will be charged 3000 yen for shipping. Please note that the free shipping service offered for shipments within Japan does not apply to international shipments.

Package Tracking Service
You can check the shipping status of your package by entering the tracking number on the EMS website. The tracking number will be included in the email sent to you when the item is shipped.
EMS Tracking Service →

Customs duty
Depending on the country we send the goods to, you may be charged customs duty upon receipt. For more information, please contact your country's customs office.

Areas where shipping is not available
Please note that some areas may not be able to be delivered due to EMS service conditions. Purchases made from areas where delivery is not possible will be cancelled.
Please check your location in advance on the EMS website →

Here are the areas where we cannot send exceptions due to covid-19. →

The Language of Patterns
The knit-kit patterns and sewing patterns are in Japanese. Please be sure to check them before purchasing.

A step-by-step guide to purchasing. →

2.Download pattern

There is no shipping for pattern download sales, so you can shop as if you were in Japan. Please click here for detailed instructions. →


Credit card
The type of card accepted is VISA / MasterCard / DINERS / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS. Credit card withdrawals are subject to the terms and conditions of each credit card member. Only one-time payments are accepted.

By using paypal, you can pay without entering your credit card number. You cannot use paypal to purchase download patten.

Amazon Pay
Customers outside of Japan are not allowed to use amazon pay.

4.Return and Exchange Policy

Products that have been shipped overseas cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be sure to check the contents before purchasing.